Keith Greenwood

I am an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. I have been here since August 2008. Prior to that I taught at the University of Oklahoma and at Michigan State University.

I am part of the journalism studies faculty group, and my emphasis is photojournalism.   I regularly teach photojournalism history and a graduate seminar called Photography in Society. I also regularly teach our History of American Journalism class and Qualitative Research Methods, both in person and online. In the past I taught a multimedia course in photojournalism, where my professional experience in radio and freelance photography/video/design comes in handy.

My recent research examines how international news is visually framed in publications and in award-winning images, and I do historical research in photojournalism.

I am quite often photographing people with a way of life that I think might not last for much longer. I want them and their way of life to be recorded. Photography is a great tool for remembering. - Markéta Luskacová